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Termites are one of the most destructive pests to your property and if they are left unnoticed and if not treated on time they are capable of destroying even the basic structure of homes. Termites bring a huge loss to many landlord every year. The key to prevent termite is regular inspections which saves you from the damage. Crystal Nano Solutions in trichy are committed to prevent your home and commercial premises from the attack of termites all round the year.

Termites Control servicein trichy


There are a lot of possible points of entry that termites can make use of to get inside your premises . they most commonly find their way into your premises through door frames, porch steps or through places where wood works come into contact with the ground. Without the knowledge of how or where to find out termite vulnerabilities, there might be no way to prevent of control a termite infestation.


These termites are much bigger in size when compared to other types. These are attracted to moist wood as the name suggests. They live within the wood they feast and cover the entry point with their feces to protect the humidity. They infest damp wood and infest structures with fungus or high moisture levels that arise out of pipeline leaks, issues in ventilation or drainage complications. They weaken the wooden structures by hollowing out the beams which leads to heavy damage. An gutter filled with waste can also cause moisture to accumulate in wall , which creates an very attractive environment for these dampwood termites. Termite pest control in trichy often go on for some time without being noticed and to control a dampwood termite infestation its important to seek professional guidance at the earliest.

Many times many insects are confused with termites most often its ants. Termites are also referred to as white ants due to its pale colour. Termites initially played a very important role in our ecosystem as they helped to break down the cellulose. The food cellulose of the termites is found in worn out wood and wooden products which invites the termites directly into your premises. Termites usually travel within the tunnel or through the dirt tube that they build up. Temperature played an important role on this. Termites are mostly more active in cold season.

One of the primary steps in protecting our living space is to prevent the access of the termites. Crystal Nano’s anti termite treatment in trichy provides a protective barrier for the same. Our chemical barriers are designed so as to prevent the termites from entering or make their presence visible outside. Barriers can also be physical or chemical in nature.


  • termites are continuously attracted to wood, so its always necessary to remove the unnecessary items that can be a potential food source of the termites.
  • Left over timber waste from any construction activities is often left unattended or stored in some lofts which invites the unwanted termites into your house.
  • Termites are attracted to dampness in any form, so its necessary to fix water leakages, sink leakage etc and also to enroute ac water outlets properly.
  • Termites also prefer humid conditions to survive so its necessary to keep living space well ventilated.
  • A perfect layed concrete is the enemy for the termite can never enter through a properly compacted and cured concrete slab.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have termites in my home, what do I do?

It's important to remain calm when dealing with termites. Although they are capable of doing a lot of damage, it will likely not happen overnight- your house won't crumble before you know what’s going on! If in doubt though; call an experienced pest control company that can inspect for pests and offer treatment if necessary. You can also hire a termite control service in trichy

2. Can I do a termite treatment myself?

The process of treating termites can be difficult and requires specialized equipment that is not readily available. We do not recommend trying to treat on your own, as it could cause more damage than good in some cases! If you're still determined enough though-go ahead with what needs doing; just make sure an expert pest controller like ourselves gets called first so we know exactly how best suit our services towards helping rid areas free from these pesky pests once again.

3. About how much does it cost to treat termites?

For those who are looking for the best pest control company, it's important to compare prices. This will help you find a good deal and avoid any expensive mistakes! The cost varies according to factors such as what type of service is needed (termite vs spider) or which pests they're going after - but one thing remains true: low-priced services often come at cut corners so be sure not just look at their rates; think about how long these companies have been in business before deciding if that matters too..