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Crystal Nano is here to provide you the quality, effective and hassle free Crystal Nano Solutions near me services in trichy. We completely rely on our advanced techniques and experienced operators to manage and eliminate the cockroaches at your home. Crystal Nano Solutions in trichy is helps you to eliminate cockroaches at your home

Cockroache Control services in trichy

Cockroach Control Services in trichy

We offer one of the advanced treatment methods cockroach control in trichy includes spraying as well as the gel based treatment. Our trained technicians applies the gel as pin sized drops at appropriate intervals, this treatment provides an hassle free service to the clients.

We apply cockroach pest control gel in the kitchen cabinets, sink area and cabinets and drawers. This gel is specially formulated in such a way that it attracts and invite cockroaches to the particular area and kill them when they consume the gel. the cockroaches which consume the gel can kill the other cockroaches too. The cockroaches has the habit of feeding on the carcasses of dead cockroaches and individuals and the faecal matter of the other cockroaches which has consumed the gel. this creates an cascading effect and helps in zeroing down the infestation of cockroaches and is time consuming too.

We also undertake annual maintenance contract for the treatment of cockroaches for offices, factories, government offices, banks, hotels and restaurants, theatres and residential apartments etc. the frequency of services varies according to the need of the clients.

How to prevent cockroaches at your premises?

Making your premises inhospitable for cockroaches is necessary so that there would be lesser chances of finding them in your premises. Some of the following measures can be followed.

  • Fix all the cracks and crevices both inside and outside your home as these places are the mostly affected areas.
  • Avoid dampness accumulating in the walls and check for any possible leaks.
  • Ensure to maintain a clean kitchen so that the cockroaches cannot have access to food leftovers in the dishes.
  • Cockroaches often lay eggs and breed easily in cardboard boxes so that has to be disposed off immediately.

Troubles caused by cockroaches

These cockroaches has a very displeasing appearance and they can easily adapt themselves in a variety of habitats. They destroy anything and everything that comes on it way and they spread diseases like asthma, also spread disease causing pathogens and also create a lot of allergic reactions. More than thirty varieties of cockroaches exist in our living environment and create a huge nuisance to the living community.

More facts on cockroaches

The most common type of cockroaches that affect our homes are the german cockroaches and the American cockroaches. The german cockroaches are smaller compared to American cockroaches and they can actually live upto an year, they can be easily identified and are usually oval shaped and brown in color and have two dark bands behind their head. Mostly live in kitchen and their adjoining areas. These cockroaches can be seen in sewage, damp places and in basements also. So it is absolutely necessary to identify a cockroach infestation at the earliest and eradicate them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do cockroaches keep coming back?

Analogous to humans, cockroaches love to eat. Whether we’re talking about food sitting inside of a trash can, leftover dirty dishes, or food dropped on the bottom, cockroaches will happily pick at any piece of food they’re suitable to. It's recommended to ensure your kitchen and dining room area are regularly gutted in order to avoid cockroach infestation. If you don’t keep clean it keeps coming back.

2. Does baiting cockroaches work effectively?

Cockroach baits are a productive way to get relief from cockroaches when placed properly. This kind of treatment relies on every cockroach in a population to feed on the bait before the infestation can be barred. Baits should be combined with other control sweats, analogous crack, and void treatments, to ensure the infestation is barred.

3. Is There Anything I Can Do To Keep Cockroaches Away?

If you want to keep cockroaches away from your home, then there are a few different effective methods like, Keep your home clean, Use traps and baits, By spraying liquid concentrates, If you can’t do it on your own call professional pest control services.